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Precious Metals

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Compared to most metals, both platinum and gold are rare.  Platinum is often called the “most precious” metal or the “rarest of the precious metals. There is fifteen times more gold mined than platinum, each year.

Platinum is a versatile and durable precious metal with a naturally white colour. Its dense quality makes it the perfect accompaniment to any gemstone, including diamonds.

Because of its strength, platinum is a particularly popular choice for a variety of jewellery including engagement ringswedding rings, necklaces, earrings and rings.

Platinum jewellery

Because of its hypoallergenic properties it is a good choice for people who suffer reactions from other metals or 14k (alloyed) gold.

Platinum alloys are about 20% denser than white gold.This results in a ring that feels more substantial, and thus more luxurious, even though it may be very fine.

Platinum does not tarnish or oxidize when exposed to air or water.   

This resistance to corrosion, beautiful silver-white metallic appearance, and rare properties make platinum’s use in jewellery all the more popular.  

Platinum is more brittle than white gold, and is hard to bend and hammer into shapePlatinum is more difficult to work with, and often needs a jeweller with experience to produce a good job.

Therefore, the labour cost is roughly 20% more than with white gold.


Platinum loses very little weight during day to day wear and indeed, during polishing. Therefore, in theory a platinum ring will last a lot longer without the need for replacing the band. However, a well-made ring, whether white gold or platinum should last for generations 

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